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Cô Dâu Bên Lề (Phim Thái Lan) 13/13 TM
5064 view  |  Raing
Duration: Episode 13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Air time: Friday - Saturday - Sunday (Prime Time)
Broadcast network: Channel 7
Broadcast period: November 5, 2010 - December 3, 2010

Stephan Santi Visaboonchai as Akrin
Praiya Soandokmai (Poo) as Rasa
Prae Emery as Ornuma


Rasa is an out of luck, poor, orphan girl raised by her stepmother (Apiradee Pawaputanon). Her foster mom also has a no-good, rapist wannabe boyfriend, who on occasion will try to assault Rasa.

Rasa is a diligent worker–values education, values hard-work, kind to others, innocent, virginal, not too shabby on the eyes. Though they treat her as an ATM machine, she refuses to abandon her makeshift, foster family because she feels indebted to them.

Akrin is described as a good-looking, rich playboy with charm. He is a heir to a well-known fitness complex called M Fitness. Akrin sees women has a plaything and love as a game. His grandfather Amnat (Khun Suchao Pongwilai) is fed up with his immature, careless, insincere lifestyle and wants him to get married. If he doesn’t get marry by a certain time, he won’t inherit M Fitness. It will be given to his competitive sister Ornuma (Prae Amery) who also has to get marry if she wants to inherit the family business.

As the the marriage deadline slowly approaches and he doesn’t like any of his potential brides, Akrin decides to hire someone as his bride. He hires Rasa, the girl he likes and the only girl in Thailand who has the audacity to reject him every time he makes a move on her. Their marriage will be a sham, it will be for on year and he will pay her 2 million baht. He will give her 1 million baht at the beginning of their marriage and 1 million baht at the end of their marriage. Rasa accept his offer because she needs the money to save her foster mother who is in the hospital and needs immediate surgery.
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